Lateral AdNetGoal

ADNETGOAL is the creative answer to a great challenge; offer the best advertising support because of its location just behind the football goals and in turn providing a touch of elegance and integration. With a low cost of production and high emotional value, ADNETGOAL is able to contribute to give great added value to the sponsorship with great visibility, both in the stadium and on the screen (television, internet and mobile).

ADNETGOAL is an asset that gives a sense of virtuality. Thanks to the base of camouflaged green, along with the bright contrast of advertising against the grass, it creates the buoyancy effect. Patented all over the world, it is 100% secure and has a fast ROI, making it the best advertising asset for the top sponsors because of its high emotional value to the public and its simple setup with a strict respect of the FIFA rules.

AdNetGoal lateral y sus beneficios

  • Seguridad
  • Visibilidad
  • Flotabilidad
  • Elegancia
  • Integraci√≥n

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