DIDIMON is the future in the sale of advertising space in basketball and an innovative way of creating participation with fans.

  • It’s not just another TV-oriented advertising system; DiDimon is perfectly visible to both home TV viewers and most viewers in the stadium.
  • It is located just behind the board, at the top of the mast, and is visible from both sides of the basket.
  • It introduces a new advertising space, in an area of ​​the track where more than 80% of the action of the party will take place.
  • Positioned at a vertical right angle, DiDimon maximizes both the quality of the colors and the space available for advertising on the screen, and in turn provides clear visibility from the master TV camera at all times.
  • You can project one or many commercials with different messages / brands (even distinguish between two different brands in the two screens of the same basket)
  • It uses interactive messages and promotions in real-time presentations of the equipment, initial quintets of the equipment and much more.

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